For Self-Examination

Understanding Narcissistic Behavior and Types Part II

December 18, 2023 Dr. Christopher Taylor Season 4 Episode 2
For Self-Examination
Understanding Narcissistic Behavior and Types Part II
Show Notes

Welcome back to "For Self-Examination" with your host, Dr. Christopher Taylor. In this December episode, Dr. Taylor reflects on the beauty of fall and the importance of grounding rituals. The conversation unfolds into a deeper exploration of narcissism, building on last week's insights.

Dr. Taylor walks us through four distinct types of narcissism: overt, covert, communal, and malignant. From attention-seeking overt narcissists to covert individuals driven by self-loathing, communal narcissists disguising self-interest as altruism, and the potentially destructive malignant narcissists, each type unveils unique traits.

While the term "narcissist" is widely used, Dr. Taylor emphasizes that a clinical diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) applies to a small percentage. The focus shifts to recognizing and addressing toxicity in relationships, irrespective of clinical labels.

The episode delves into common narcissistic behaviors, rooted in deep insecurities, an unending quest for validation, and a marked lack of empathy facilitating manipulative tendencies.

Dr. Taylor addresses the pivotal question: Why does understanding narcissism matter? The emphasis lies on identifying and navigating toxic relationships. Resources are offered at, with additional support from Independently Strong, providing tools and community at

Next week promises a profound discussion on framing the new year, offering insights and reflections for a fulfilling 2024. Until then, Dr. Christopher Taylor encourages listeners to prioritize their well-being, signing off as your guide for self-examination.

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